The House

I need to become a better designer and am hoping to throw my thoughts and training’s on here. I would also like to here from others and what they have done to become a better designer. I mean web design, designing logos, etc. ┬áThere are so many different products and apps out there and I dont knw wht ones are good to use. I would like to use the best, most user friendly products out there. I am a male in my young thirties. Though I don’t think that matters much on this topic. Feel free to share products or other tips. Keep it real and keep it nice. I am also a PC user so I know all about the Mac. I like my PC, sooooo….. I think I have a eye for design although I have never taken any formal training. I spent my younger years in construction and saw plenty of design there which I think helps me now. Any help on this subject will be appreciated, and no I am not looking to hire a designer to design for me.


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